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Bringing Your Program to Life on DVD and Blu-ray

We capture your program using Broadcast-quality High Definition Cameras. Offering multiple camera angles, we create an incredible final product at an affordable price. Your production is mastered on both DVD and Blu-Ray Disc.  All of our work is shot at 1080i wide screen using Dolby Digital Surround Sound.Your final product will include opening credits, lower thirds (when needed), rolling credits at end of the show as well as fully authored DVD/Blu-Ray menus and chapters. All products include a hard case with a custom cover highlighting your production.​  Click a link below to sample our different services.

Live Dance


We work with many Live Dance Programs including Recitals, Dance Competitions, Cheerleeding Competitions, Live Ballets and more.

Live Theater


We work with many different types of Live Theater Productions including Community Theater, School Drama Programs, and Professional Companies.


Live Stage Show (full production)


We are very proud to partner up with accounts like the Miss America's Outstanding Teen Organization, providing a full service production.

Live Band Competitions


We provide Nationals-level services to every level of competition, offering a multi-camera edit of each team alongside the typical wide-angle overview shot. We create custom graphics and author individualized DVD/Blu-Ray copies of each team.

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